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Hello and help...

MSA6 Jun 10, 2008

  1. MSA6

    MSA6 New Member

    Hi folks, been lurking here for a while, great site :icon_thumright:

    I've got a slight problem and wondered if anyone could give me some advice.

    I've just had a new alternator and fan belt fitted and now the car won't idle. It seemed ok for a while but started cutting out when I was slowing down for roundabouts and junctions. Now it won't idle at all when starting.

    It's a '98 A6 Avant 2.8 Quattro with an auto box (V6 petrol). I read somewhere that you sometimes have to switch on the ignition and leave it for 30 secs or so then start it (after the battery has been disconnected) but I've re-disconnected the battery and tried this but no change.

    Any ideas ?

    Cheers :beerchug:
  2. galaxie500

    galaxie500 New Member

    test your brake lights. I'm sure there is a common fault that if one of your brake lights goes then something funny happens to the ecu and retards the engine when braking. Cant remeber the specifics but worth a try. Beyond that i think you need someone with vagcom

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