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Hello and a quick question about my A3.

EricJT_A3 Aug 2, 2006

  1. EricJT_A3

    EricJT_A3 New Member

    Hi there, i'm new to this superb forum.

    Got a very quick question re:my A3. Whilst cleaning the door shuts and engine bay today I noticed the letters BUFO 101a written on the heads of the nuts holding the wings on. All except one that had ??KA 109 written on it (may have been ETKA) could'nt read it fully. The bolt is the one visable when the door is open. Just thought it unusal because the same bolt on the drivers side had BUFO 101a on it like all the others securing the wings.

    Just wondered if anyone elses A3 was the same?, sorry if this seems like a trivial question just curious why its like it?

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