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Hello and a few questions regarding a TDI Sport....

wlk Jul 22, 2010

  1. wlk

    wlk New Member

    First of all, hello... nice to see a modern looking forum for a change!

    Had a good lurk around the FAQ but got a few specific questions regarding a car I am looking at purchasing...

    It is a 2004 2.0 140TDI Sport with 81k on the clock and here is a summary...

    The Good:

    • I think I can get it around £5k because I know the seller and hes moving soon and needs to get rid of it.
    • It has a FSH by Audi.
    • Bodywork is in very good condition, needs a valet inside but pretty impressed.
    • Appears to run well but I am yet to take it on a proper run out.
    • Had a major service last May with the timing belt replaced along with intercooler seals and bottom arm bushes. Plus some other odd jobs this came in at around £1k's worth of work.
    • It had a longlife service and MOT in May. Only advisories were two low tyres (I can use this to leverage the price)
    The Bad/Potentially Bad:

    • BKD engine, I've heard lots about turbo problems and cylinder head issues. What do I need to lookout for when I test drive it properly?
    • I can't see that the waterpump has ever been changed or the flywheel. Is this an issue at 81k and how expensive to replace if it goes wrong?
    • There is an airbag light displaying on the dash, the only service report I am yet to read (can hopefully see it tomorrow) is the most recent so I am hoping this is nothing. If it isn't what are the likely causes and how much will it cost to put right?
    • I did an error code scan today and only found one; 17055. I believe this amounts too "Cylinder 1 glow plug circuit. Electrical Fault." I am assuming this involves replacing the plug? Approximate cost anybody?
    Apart from that I am pretty keen on it, it has everything I want, is a 3 door and is well spec'd. Any advice is more than welcome.

    Thanks. :sm4:
  2. My airbag lights been on since december when i got it, had it fixed couple of times on warranty but my passengers have a habbit of slidin the seays forward quick which kept turning my light on (wire kept snapping) i think your trying your luck with 5k he could get more elsewhere
  3. wlk

    wlk New Member

    He could but I happen to know he took it off his brother's hands for around 4k when he moved to the states six months ago. That plus initial discussion seems to be that 5.5k he'd be happy with. Minus the tyres and niggles i'll get him down to 5k ;)

    Thanks about the airbag, i'll take a look at the wire.
  4. dantdi

    dantdi ...

    Check the aircon is working ok dude. Needed new pump on my old 2004 tdi
  5. wlk

    wlk New Member

    Well... I asked about that and tried it. It turns on ok but wouldn't blow cold. Now its not part of a standard service so likelyhood is it hasn't been recharged but what is the best way to check? I doubt he will recharge it knowing its getting sold.

    edit - Also would it display an error code if broken?

    Last edited: Jul 22, 2010
  6. If Aircon needs recharging its because there is a leak! Aircon is a sealed system.
    You would be budgeting £100-£400 to get that sorted
    Waterpump is on the timing belt check the service to see if it was done when they did the belt otherwise its a new belt as well.
    glow plug £15-£20
    Chances are if it had a faulty head it would have gone by now - check its not drinking coolent although this can be the egr cooler not the head.
    Turbos get sticky vanes from soot/oil from the egr gases and can overboost - some dont fail safe it would seem hence the reputation.
    If your handy with mechanics if the heads ok its probably ok.
    If it sounds like a dump valve (which is hasnt got) when you come off throttle to change gear it probably has a turbo issue- some people like the sound - for others it has been followed by turbo failure in the not to distant future.
  7. wlk

    wlk New Member

    Aircon is worrying me, hoping it will work ok when I take it for a proper test drive this week.

    The timing belt has definately been done on last years major service. It is listed as one item but I am assuming it will have included the waterpump seeing as it is done normally as part of Audi's check and it was done by an Audi dealership.

    Coolant looked fine when I saw it and it started with no issues and no white smoke.

    I'll listen out for anything unusual coming from the turbo, hoping to take on a bit of a run so I can get it through the gears on the bypass.

    Just spent about an hour looking at all the cleaning stuff in the detailing section. Need another £500 just to clean it :p haha
  8. sub39h

    sub39h Active Member

    my A3 2005/54's dual zone climate went completely and it needed a new unit for £600 or so (and then needed recharging straight afterwards). for some reason the whole system was never the same after that... never blew cold properly again. personally if it's not working i'd steer clear, but maybe someone with a bit more knowledge/experience on the issue can shed a bit more light on it.
  9. pengjn

    pengjn Member

    I have a 2004 2.0 TDI 140 with 50'000 and the air con compressor pump went. Cost £500 to get it sorted and that was after a lot of shopping around.
  10. Blackie

    Blackie Active Member

    If you can hear the turbo whistling . Don't take the consensus and take it as knackered. I went down that route and even the independent dealer I use said it was the turbo. 600 quid for the turbo and 300 quid labour and it still does it. Not happy as the dealer now says it could need investigation work. I'm a bit upset seeing as he said it was knackered
  11. wlk

    wlk New Member

    The turbo is not concerning me too much any more, mainly because if it was one of the "faulty" batch I highly doubt it would have done 80k...

    I am slightly worried about how many problems there are to look out for! being a focus owner at the moment it seems super reliable in comparison (its nine years old too...)

    I suppose reliability is sacrificed slightly for the luxury and additional features :)

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