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Helicopter Ride...

VWAddict Sep 24, 2009

  1. VWAddict

    VWAddict Member VCDS Map User

    Stan and his wife Ethel used to visit the fair each year when it came to town, and every year Stan would say; "Ethel, I'd like to ride in that helicopter."

    Ethel always replied "I know Stan, but that helicopter ride costs fifty pounds, and fifty quid is fifty quid."

    One year while at the fair, Stan said "Ethel, I'm 85 years old, if I don't ride that helicopter now I may not get another chance."

    To this Ethel replied "quid, that helicopter ride is fifty Pounds, and fifty quidis fifty quid."

    The pilot overheard this conversation and said "Folks, I'll make you a deal, I'll take both of you for a ride in the helicopter for free, but you must stay quiet. If either one of you says a word, I'll charge you the fifty quid."

    The pilot did all kinds of aerobatics and fancy maneuvers; twists, dives, spins and rolls but not a word was heard. He did every daredevil trick ho could think of, and still not a peep.

    After they landed, the pilot said "I have to tell you, I tried everything I could think of to get you to yell out, but you didn't. I'm impressed!"

    "Well, to tell you the truth," Stan replied, "I nearly said something when Ethel fell out, but fifty quid is fifty quid."


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