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HEEEELLLLPPPP!!!! - Rough running A4 Avant 2.0 TDI SLine (57 Plate)

oneightycd Jan 20, 2011

  1. oneightycd

    oneightycd New Member

    Hi all,
    I'm after some sound help!!

    I have 2.0 TDI A4 Avant (57 Plate), Auto with multitronic.

    I recently was driving home as normal and there was a slight drop in revs, a hesitation and then then engine ran like a kangaroo, was bellowing masses of black smoke and eventually brought us to a full stop.

    RAC came along and the mechanic was great, old-school and diagnosed the problem as a faulty injector - great!!

    So the car was booked with a private, highly rated mechanic who replaced the faulty injector and everything on the diagnostic machine was within tolerance except the 2nd cylinder (which had the replaced injector!) - weird.

    The mechanic now got a independent Audi specialist to look it over and he swapped the injectors around and in the diagnostic machine reported all the measurement were fine and within tolerance levels.

    Now, the car drives BUTÂ… in neutral the engine is as rough as anything and physically wobbles like mad and still throws out a mass of black smoke!!

    Can any one help?!

    I was reading a older post which indicated on the V6 A6, this could be the turbo let lube oil into the engine??!

    I'm just a regular guy fearing the worst and hope someone out there can offer some pearls of wisdom!!

    I'm new to this forum, so if someone knows anyone who'd be great to help please forward this post!


    Andy :sadlike:
  2. vinesh

    vinesh Member

    Split Intercooler Hose?

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