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Heavy breathing...

Beck Oct 25, 2012

  1. Beck

    Beck New Member

    So today I got my car remapped (yay). I was informed that I need a new maf sensor.

    When I got my cam belt done a few weeks ago, I was told that it was breathing a bit heavy. I'm gonna get a new maf sensor, is there anything else I need to check, or that is worth a change anyway?
    All my hoses are ok, I need new ones but there are no splits or leaks for now.

    thanks for any help.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2012
  2. Yohan87

    Yohan87 Member

    Who mapped your car? Do you know what figures it produced?

    I'd scan your car for faults to get a better idea of what's up, if anything.
  3. Beck

    Beck New Member

    Amd in woking. 200bhp and 230 torque, roughly as they don't have a rolling road, lord knows how they figure it out. He told me to go back when I have a sensor and he will data log it again as he thinks it will go higher.

    I scanned it about 2 months ago and nothing came up, my car has always been groggy low revs but picks up well in the higher revs. I will get it checked again then.
  4. Beck

    Beck New Member

    Rather than starting a new thread, was driving in 2nd then suddenly I had a drop of power. Engine light came on, so I put it on vcds and it came up with 16684 (random misfire) however it doesn't come up with any specific cylinder like everyone when i searched this. It's the only fault I get.
    Just wondering if anyone knows what this could be or a list of things to check. Being poor at the moment going to a garage would be too easy. Could it be coils or plugs? Anything else I should get checked?
  5. Paradox1

    Paradox1 Active Member

    Type that code into google mate
  6. Grale1

    Grale1 Active Member

    I know beck googled that code and it wasn't one thing specific, we did clean the MAF sensor on her car and mine yesterday, and she said it seemed to be a little better in the lower revs, could it be her coilpack playing up? As its juddering

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