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Heated seat retrofit

P77HLP Mar 21, 2014

  1. P77HLP

    P77HLP Member

    Hi Guys,

    I Now have all of the parts for a Heated seat retrofit for my 2013 B8, have new heater controls, Loom and seats,
    Photo on 21-03-2014 at 21.01.jpg

    My question is, where does this connector go? i understand that the few extra wires need to go into other blocks, but where does the main block go? im fine with wiring, just have no idea what to go on..... often this stuff is paint by numbers! however Kafutecs instructions are really ****!
    any help would be much appreciated.
  2. wrighty01

    wrighty01 Member

    Hi mate can you please tell me if you have had any joy with wiring up your seats, i am in the same boat as you i haven't ordered the
    loom yet from Kufatec , i would think it just plug into the seats and the back of the in dash control unit but the unit must get a supply voltage from the fuse box i guess ?
    Please let me know if you have found out anything since your post was put up.
    Kind regard Alan.
  3. wrighty01

    wrighty01 Member

    Can anyone help with the wiring of A4 B8 heated seats [retrofit]?
  4. boltya4

    boltya4 New Member

    Did you have any luck with sorting the wiring out.
    I have a A4 b8 2008 face lift, and to upgrade the interior I have purchased leather heated seats, new climate control section with switches for seat heater. But when I checked forums for wiring kits found the German supplier to be not very helpful ie instructions that you can't follow, lack of replying to questions and no English spoken if you phone up.
    Did you manage to sort out what wire goes where ?
  5. wrighty01

    wrighty01 Member

    After i bought all the bits you listed the seats wouldn't heat up and found out you also need an upgraded control module approx £100 ebay
    which allows heated seats and also fitting of LED headlights if required ,the module is located under the the steering wheel to the right.
  6. Adam Russell

    Adam Russell Member quattro Audi A4 S-line owners group TDi

    anyone got the instructions as I'm looking to do this see if i can do it at home ?

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