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Heated rear window interferes with radio reception

ADi Nuff Valves Sep 23, 2011

  1. I just noticed this morning that if I switch my heated rear screen on it interferes with the radio reception. Has anyone else noticed this? :sorry:
  2. mike foster

    mike foster Fossie VCDS Map User

    Unfortunately it is likely that the aerial element in the rear screen that has broken. I had this on a previous car and the only fix is to replace the rear screen !

    Sorry !!
  3. gavsman

    gavsman Member

    I have this on mine - so when I need to use the Rear Screen demister.....I just put on a cd!
  4. One Spoke

    One Spoke Member

    Yep, I had this problem. It's either an amplifier in the tailgate or, as was the case with mine, needs a new rear screen. Luckily mine was done under warranty!
  5. It took two goes to get Audi to find the problem, but they have, and it's having a new rear screen tomorrow. Didn't come under the extended warranty but since I originally enquired about it not long after buying the car from them they are sorting it for free anyway. Result.
  6. xyz1

    xyz1 Member

    yes me i was wondering this problem. there is no way ill be getting a new rear screen just for a heated rear screen which will be on for no longer than a couple of minutes!!!!

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