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  1. mikemyres

    mikemyres New Member

    Hi I went to bournemouth the over day, was all fine my car went to about 100oC in traffic but went down to normal 90oC but when I got to my destination and tried to start it, all I heard was the starter motor going round, so I tried again with my accelerator pedal down abit and started but wanted to stall, so I slipped it into 1st and drove, then its absolutly fine.

    Why is it doing this, is it because of the heat, 31oC by me! my friend thinks some of the fuel has evaporated because of the heat. Not sure though?
  2. Rev-head

    Rev-head Active Member

    Keep eye on temp as this could be leading to something else,Have you had any water loss lately?

    Regarding starting the car your friend is right when the engine is so hot the fuel mixture can be affected as the atomisation process is going thru the heat evaporates the fuel giving weaker mixture.......would check all the hoses from the inlet manifold to see if you have any leaks might get worse with engine heating up(more air going into mixture)


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