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Heat soak- Rolling road vs. road

paultownsend Feb 22, 2013

  1. paultownsend

    paultownsend Member


    Im still weighing up the pro's and cons of a FMIC on my K03 AGU, mapped to 185/220lbft. Peaks @16psi

    Mods are minimal- PCV/charcoal can delete, piper panel filter in airbox. forge 008 (now back to OE 710N).
    Car is however fully serviced, belts, pumps etc.

    When being mapped, the car suffered huge heat soak. The inlet was too hot to touch. Unfortunately i did not get any logs saved.
    Now since then all i have done is vent the rear of the arch liner to help airflow over the OE SMIC.

    Now on the road i have never had the inlet that hot. Only warm really.

    I have logged on my VCDS lite a peak of 30'c IAT. at the start of the log it was reading 16' and just getting home on 22'.
    It seemed to cool down pretty quickly.

    Im not sure what the ambient temp was, but it just a normal day.

    So what i am asking i suppose is this. Obviously rolling road conditions can not replicate driving on the open road when it comes to air moving over the SMIC, and around the closed bonnet?

    As i only really have a quick squirt of the throttle on occasion is a FMIC what i need? It would be a home made effort with 2.25" piping. introducing possible lag.

    What are acceptable IAT's when just driving around, and then on repeat pulls @ WOT?

    Or am i missing the picture completely? Im probably only staying with my k03. Is it more about space under the grath more than peak figures?

    Only other plans are fitting the S2K filter as soon as the joiner arrives, heat shield mostly to support MAF, and Toyosport 3" DP with Magnaflow 200cel cat welded in.

    Thanks chaps, Paul
  2. badger5

    badger5 www.badger5.co.uk Site Sponsor

    seems "adequate" for your spec of tune currently.
  3. paultownsend

    paultownsend Member

    Might try do some proper temp logs once the weather gets a little more suitable. See what the max iat's are
  4. Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev.

    Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev. Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Agreed, temps look fine. After one run on the RR you're forever battling with heat soak unfortunately.

  5. paultownsend

    paultownsend Member

    Cheers gents. Much appreciated. It was a problem while mapping TBH (Chris @ midland Vw). Great strong map by all means. Very happy.
    Say my average temps are 20-25' which are acceptable for a SMIC. Would I see more hp/lbft average if the FMIC was providing sub ambient temps? On the sane map?
  6. 16Klappe

    16Klappe I <3 Panda's! Supporter

    Once you fit the downpipe and an uprated turbo inlet pipe you will max the K03; no real need for a FMIC on a K03.

    Prawns car made 224.5bhp on Bills rollers with a K03s and smic, and my own car used to fly with a SMIC on a K03s.

    SMIC isn't really an issue off the RR, although a FMIC is better on a K03 it won't be holding you back.

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