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Health Check

Nutkin Aug 9, 2010

  1. Nutkin

    Nutkin Member

    Just doing some vag com on the 1.8 t Quattro
    I had a boost range error on my vag com so ran a few tests down my "private road" (M4).

    For boost check im getting

    Requested 1620.0mbar,
    Actual 1670.0mbar,

    at 3000rpm in 3rd

    so about 0.6-0.7bar

    and my maf is doing about 157g/s peak which crudely worked out is about 185bhp ish

    so for a 190 and considering all limits and errors this seems good to me. Might change the MAF see if it gets a bit more responsive as for an 04 car thats never had one id say it was due in my vag experiance.

    anyone care to through some input in as im constantly paranoid about boost leaks and stuff
  2. J7USS

    J7USS Shuddup Foooool!!

    Just keep checking your jubilee's are nice and tight mate and give the pipes a good looking over everytime you give it a good clean.
    ...especially when you get a remap, i had 4 boost leaks in 6 months, went through 3 diaphrams on my forge and shot the N75 (somehow) once too.
    MRC reckoned it had something to do with the Miltek and sports cat because I didnt have the Map adapted after I put the full system on.

    Its defo worth giving a new MAF aswell if it hasnt had a new one just for piece of mind. Do the exchange, it doesnt work out too expensive, least you know its had a new one then and Go Bosch, dont go down the cheap route :o.k:
  3. aham_uk

    aham_uk Member

    DO the same again but log maf actual vs maf requested.
    With this log (as a graph) you can tell if you need a new MAF.
  4. Nutkin

    Nutkin Member

    which block am i looking at for this.

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