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headunit draining battery

richud Mar 27, 2013

  1. richud

    richud New Member

    for a while now my battery has been low then starting and today it was completely flat so there was obviously a drain on the battery somewhere.
    i decided to check it out so i got in the car, locked it and sat still..... as soon as i locked it a quiet static noise came over the speakers then a little pop then off again.
    This sequence (shhhhhhhhhhh, pop, off) replays over and over again, i was sat in there for a couple of mintues.

    Decided to remove the headunit and try again, there was no static this time, does this mean my headunit it buggered?
  2. Mk1magic

    Mk1magic Member

    I wouldn't say so, maybe the speakers are picking up some kinda static maybe, is it the standard stereo or an after market one...? If your batterys on its way out then that too wont help. Probs best to get yaself a new battery.
  3. richud

    richud New Member

    the battery is only a month old so it cant be that, its the standard symphony 2 headunit.
    i had a dension plugged into which i thought was the problem as every time the little pop happened the ipod seemed to restart but after isolating the dension its still happened so cant be that either.
  4. epox

    epox Active Member

    did you change the speakers? had an issue when the car was getting work on the door, they had crossed the central locking with the speaker wire apparently. this ran the battery down over the weekend.
  5. richud

    richud New Member

    standard speakers but i just went outside and have a faff about with it and it seemed to start when i opened the door lol.

    anyone want a black 2003 s3 with leather and 65k ? lol
  6. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    You need to stay in the car a lot longer, the electrics stay live for more than a few minutes including the stereo

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