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Headunit creak

ROBS3 Jul 12, 2007

  1. ROBS3

    ROBS3 Member

    Hi all,

    I recently joined the world of S3 ownership, and love it!

    I've been reading this forum for quite sometime and the advice given is great, so thought I'd join.

    Anyway, to my question...

    After a couple weeks of getting my S3 the indicators played up so took it to my 'so called local Audi specialist' who tried to replace the Hazard switch/relay unit. They tried to prise the black panel off with a screw driver which chipped it all down the sides, then realised that this wasn't going to work so took the headunit off first then the black panel and replaced the hazard switch.
    When putting the black panel back on they managed to take off the paint of my cup-holder of too!
    I pointed this out to them and was told this was 'wear and tear'! :no:(I don't think so) after not excepting their reply they replaced the black panel with one from another S3 that was having work done to it, and ordered me another cup holder.
    Take it in the next week to have the new cup holder installed. After seeing him struggle to get the old one out and being told it that it is a 'pain in the ar*e job' he ripped it out and put the new one in.
    If they had just taken time to do the job properly in the first place, none of this would have happened.

    Anyway, since taking out the headunit and putting it back it has creaked (around the unit and centre console), mainly under accelerating and braking, but it is very annoying. Taken it in several times and they are just not interested, saying it is just coincidence that it now creaks. On one time taking it in they notice that the were 2 rubber bits which were just loose (I think it is where the radio sits on, along the bottom) so they stuck those down, now the headunit doesn't sit flush and still creaks:blownose:.

    Can anyone help? should this black rubber bits be stuck down, has anyone else had similar trouble, can anyone advice on how to rectify the problem?

    Sorry for the long rant, was only going to post the question but thought I'd give you the whole story.

    It a symphony 6 radio on a 52 plate S3.

    Thanks in advance

    PS what are the best stereo keys to get? I heard the Halford's ones cut your fingers etc?

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