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Headunit Choices - Android

Rom Apr 15, 2012

  1. Rom

    Rom Member VCDS Map User

    Im looking to get a new headunit, and would like some opinions from people who may have similar, or use Android setups etc.

    Currently (not in A3) have an Alpine iDA X 305. Which is great, but i swapped from iPhone to a Galaxy Note a few months ago. And despite emails from Alpine, i cant get it to play from a USB drive.

    So im looking for a new unit. Ive been looking at some Pioneer ones, as whilst the Alpine was good. It doesnt sound as good as my old Alpine, forget the model, something like 9887 or maybe gen before. Think this is largely down to old one was 4.5v pre outs, current is 2v i think. And old EQ was more in depth.

    I like the look of the MVH-8300 BT. But the front usb and being last year puts me off. I know they added some new features/compatability with 2012 line.MVH-8300BT Pioneer - Car Audio - CD Player - Car Entertainment

    The DEH-80PRS should without doubt be the best quality sound. Whilst i dont need CD, it cant hurt (ie all i have atm is radio on Alpine). Not sure if this will play from Android via USB connection though, or only via BT.
    DEH-80PRS - <b>NEW!</b> - CD Receiver with 3-Way Active Crossover Network, Auto EQ, and Auto Time Alignment | Pioneer Electronics USA

    The new AppRadio unit looks nice. Would give me a lot more features. Could play audio from phone over usb, full screen sat nav etc.
    My concern is it only has 2 x 2v preouts. So will likely not sound great. Not sure how much of an effect splitting 1 rca into 2 will have. But being only 2v as well.
    AppRadio 2 (SPH-DA100) - <b>NEW!</b> - In-Dash iPhone® 4/4S and Android™ Compatible Car Receiver with 7" Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen, Built-In Bluetooth for Hands-Free Calling, and On-Screen Access to Compatible Smartphone

    Anyone stream over BT ? The bandwidth for the old 2.0 is still 2-3 mbps. Which is plenty for a 320kbps file. Im just worried it would sound worse over BT than USB.

    Anyone have any similar units with Android? My Alpine couldnt read from my Phone, but its iPod specific. Newer ones say usb device/mp3 player etc.

    Any suggestions, advice, comments etc greatly appreciated.
    Ill be ditching the Bose setup completely, replacing all speakers, amps, subs etc.
  2. mcpickering

    mcpickering Member

    strangely enough i went through a similar process of looking for a HU, but ended up with with the XDA305... go figure. i decided that as i would be amping the speakers it didnt bother me too much as standard, still far better than stock.

    I looked at the pioneer unit.. (the 8300BT) and in all honesty i was seriously dissapointed, it looked pretty awesome with a great spec in all the online blurb. but in person, the USB is in a ridiculous place(you can;t see the screen with something plugged in) and looks very untidy. The actual unit was one of the most plasticy i had seen/touched.

    I had a quick play with the App Radio as well, it was well made but quite basic, everything runs through the phone and it doesn't really do a lot for itself.

    in the end i decided to just use my old 30GB ipod 5G with the Alpine as it means i can leave it in there permanently and have my phone in a holder on the dash for phone calls and the like (i also bought the Bluetooth adapter for the alpine)

    Have you looked at the Parrot Asteroid? looks pretty good and is a nice design(again looked at it in person and was quite pleased with the build quality/design of it) the capabilities were very limited at the time with 4 built in App available. but there has been a recent firmware update and it seems to be a lot better :) Parrot - Parrot ASTEROID

    sorry if this isn't a great help, but i thought i would share my experiences :)

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