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Headlining and Piano inserts and IPOD

Oli. Jan 30, 2008

  1. Oli.

    Oli. Member

    A quick couple of questions;

    I have finalised my spec and my order goes in tomorrow which is as follows;

    Audi S3
    Black and Red leather
    GSM Phone prep in Centre Armrest
    Privacy Glass
    Interior Light pack
    No Smoking pack
    Auto lights and wipers
    Black optics kit
    Electric Lumber Support
    Flat Bottom Wheel

    And now the questions - My last three cars, GTI, R32 and 335D have all had black headlinings, but now Ive been given the choice of light or dark on the S3 - anyone got any pictures, and thoughts on which way to go???

    Piano inserts - has anyone got pics of this so I can see what it looks like? And again any pro's or con's

    And finally IPOD, I have full control of the IPOD on my BMW, and obvioulsy this isnt possible on the S3, does anyone know of a kit that I can fit to get this - Denison???

    Many thanks
  2. JimmyJames

    JimmyJames Jas.


    1. Dark or black headlining without a doubt.
    2. Stick with chrome. Piano black too shiny maybe better on an A3 SE
    3. Don't know.

    Nice spec.:icon_thumright:
  3. consilio

    consilio Up the owls!

    My S3 has black headlining. I didn't specify anything, and I assumed that the light coloured headlining was standard.

    Have I somehow got optional black headlining for free?
  4. jamiekip

    jamiekip Guest

    Hey, nice spec you're going for!

    To answer your questions:
    1. Blackheadlining is standard - stick with it. It creates a darker interior, which for some reason feels sportier. You're getting the interior light pack which creates a nice feeling at night.

    2. I opted for piano black inserts, purely because it's different to an s-lines interior and I personally feel is more classy. Lot's of people suggested that it would scrath easily, well I can safely say, 10 months later, not a scratch on them. I personally think they are a bit classier on the interior, but each to there own! There are some pics on the 'S3 colours, the collection' thread in the stickies that have piano plack inserts - not the best pics, but may help.

    3. The factory fit ipod is a big let down. I think a few people have denison and from what i've read it's a lot better. You'll have to wait for someone with the kit to come along and give you more details though - sorry!

    Enjoy putting that order in!

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