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Headlight washer pumps for S3

njhedley Jan 4, 2014

  1. njhedley

    njhedley New Member

    Someone has pinched the metal covers for the headlight washers on my S3, also taking the time to break the pumps underneath (which are unrepairable).

    To replace the pumps and the covers, with labour, paint and VAT included, I have been quoted about £400 from a few places - all for some sc*lly pinching two bits of metal that they could probably get £30 for on e-bay...

    Apparently I need to have functioning headlight washers for the MOT, as the headlights are infused - i.e. I can't just cap off the washers to stop them squirting and be done with.

    Anyone got any ideas about how to reduce cost?
  2. pablo

    pablo Active Member

    replace the covers and hope they dont notice.

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