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Headlight Upgrade Help

r4j Jul 21, 2010

  1. r4j

    r4j New Member

    Hi there, I have just bought a 53plate Audi A3 2.0l TDI Sport, it is the new shape. I want to put the new black edition headlights with the daytime running LED's on the car. First of all I want to know if it is possible and secondly if anyone knows where I can get hold of the headlights?

  2. 330_2_S3

    330_2_S3 Member

    I am pretty sure the LED lights are on the facelift model. You will need to change the whole front end in order for them to fit.....i.e bumper, grill, wings and bonnet.... iirc
  3. r4j

    r4j New Member

    thanks for the reply, that sounds like a lot of work. Is there any way of just putting the LED lights into the existing headlights?
  4. sub39h

    sub39h Active Member

    you have a few options:

    1. you replace the front end for the new style one, and even then there's no guarantees that it'll work because apparently you can only retrofit the LED xenons to certain cars and even then it's a complete pig to wire. to do this you'll need new wings, new front panel, new grille, bonnet and bumper as well as the headlights themselves. you'll also need new wing mirrors because for the facelift that's where the indicators are and they're not a straight swap. also the wings aren't a straight swap as the mounting points are different

    2. you put LEDs into your exsisting headlight housings. i don't know if anyone has done this.

    3. you buy aftermarket lights with LEDs in them, but they don't look OEM as the LEDs are in different places (they look like A5 lights). there's confusion as to whether they're for LHD or RHD cars and whether you can adjust the cone of light so you won't fail your MOT and they throw up all kinds of error messages.

    in all you're opening a can of worms, and whilst i'm still seriously considering facelifting my front end (i have a 55-reg car) i'm not sure it's worth the expense. including paint you're looking at around £5k for the lights. are they really worth it?
  5. v1raj

    v1raj Member

    Checkout a thread by pregnantNproud.. He put aftermarket LEDs on his A3. Looks really good.
  6. bo2007

    bo2007 Yey :)

    ^^ what he said IMO....

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