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jorgemiranda Dec 21, 2004

  1. jorgemiranda

    jorgemiranda New Member

    My front left headlight was misaligned so I took it in to my Audi dealer, they called me back and said there was something either loose or broken inside the headlight, but they could not take it appart because it was glued together, and in order to open it, they would have to damage some parts, and they couldnt order those specific parts. Sooo they suggested to REPLACE the whole headlight unit for... $1,400 dollars!!! Just because there is something wrong inside! the adjustment knobs do turn, but the light does not go up or down!! HELP I really want to get these problem fixed, and I dont have $1,400 dollars to spend on a headlight. I heard some people heat the headlight unit in the oven in order to open the headlight. Any thoughts on how to get the headlight open??? Thanks
  2. HTC

    HTC Active Member

    Yes you can heat up the sealant for the glass to remove it, but I'm sure the adjustment workings with be within the plastic part at the back of the light.

    I guess all you can do is see if it all comes apart.

    Failing that, send an email to a UK or european breakers yard and get them to send you a second hand unit which will be a fraction of that price.

    Also keep an eye out on ebay.
  3. jorgemiranda

    jorgemiranda New Member

    Does anyone know how to remove the headlight from the car?
  4. PaulRS3

    PaulRS3 Well-Known Member

    headlight removal is a bumper off job i am afraid, then its only a matter of 3 screws (i am assuming its a one piece facelift headlight..)

    modern headlights are not meant to be taken apart, thats why the dealer is saying it is glued, it is. The lense is never meant to be removed.

    even heating it up, it will never go back on and be waterproof again.

    if the headlight is "not going up or down" with the adjustment screws, its quite likely that they have been wound so much, its come off the adjustment screws.


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