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Headlight Keeps Failing

sebbelcher Nov 2, 2009

  1. sebbelcher

    sebbelcher Member

    Hi guys,

    The drivers side dipped beam headlight on my Cab keeps failing, this is the third bulb in as many months. It one of the projector style dipped beams so it's a separate bulb to the full-beams, they're nothing special, just normal halogens.

    It's very annoying because the bulb is an absolute pain in the **** to change, not to mention a little bit dangerous when it happens on the way home in the pitch black (which is about 5pm now-a-days).

    I have checked over the headlight unit and I cannot see any sign of water ingress, which would have been my first guess, the unit looks perfect. Can anyone suggest why this might be happening? Or have I just been unlucky?


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