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Headlight issues

Dan TheMan Welburn Jun 16, 2014

  1. My o/s headlight bulb went out a week or so ago, so i finally got round to fiddling with it yesterday it looked like plug was loose to attempted to push it on and it burnt my finger, so annoyed i left it, removed headlight today and found locating screw at the back missing (another niggle from bodyshop) and i found the plug partially melted now im unsure if this is caused by a cheap bulb or something else. I had some scrap lights in a car im breaking so i cut the bulb plug off and wired it into mine, and still nothing, all other lights work apart from headlight,

    another thing is my n/s self leveling motor is spinning intermittently, it will do it as soon as i turn lights on, but it will randomly do it afterwards also,

    any ideas? should i be looking for a short further down the wiring ie maybe the main block on the headlight or am i best just replacing the unit completely

  2. Cabbyfan

    Cabbyfan Active Member

    Bulbs do get pretty hot when on and some of this heat will pass back into the connector on the back of the bulb. If the connections are corroded this creates a bad connection and when passing current will generate even more heat.

    The connector isn't too tricky to replace, see my earlier posts. It is stickied on this forum.
  3. ive replaced the connector already as i had spares from other headlights but its still not working, ive got a feeling theres a short further down the wires for the headlight but not 100% im gonna have to take it back out and investigate further
  4. mattyboyc

    mattyboyc B6 Veteran Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group TDi

    When you say your self levelling motor is spinning i take it you have factory xenons? If you only have the headlight not lighting and all other lights work i.e. side light and indicator ect, i would be looking at ballast pack and then checking all pins with a volt metre to see what you have power to.
  5. Cabbyfan

    Cabbyfan Active Member

    The levelling motor hunting is usually a dodgy motor. I just replaced mine, costs about 30 quid from memory. Mine used to chatter after I stopped the car for ages.
  6. t8ups

    t8ups Site Sponsor Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Check the fuse, if you are saying the bulb started to burn then the fuse could of tripped.

    Check your fuse diagram.

  7. t8ups wouldnt it stop both side headlights working though if the fuse had popped? as its only the drivers side headlight not working, ive wired a new connector onto it and no power to bulb, i checked the bulb on the connector for main beam and the bulb works so can only assume there is a short further along the wiring for the headlight connector,

  8. No they're halogen headlights mate with xenon bulbs the motor is for dipping the beam i assume
  9. Greeny233

    Greeny233 It's all about the V8. Team V8 Team Silver Audi S4 Audi Avant Owner Group

    I think the headlights are fused seperately so if you blow a fuse you should still have one headlight, but don't quote me on that.
  10. Ill go have a look be a bonus if its just the fuse, some of the prices people near me are asking for a single headlight is ridiculous
  11. Greeny you were spot on the fuse had blown so hard it was in two pieces, replaced and now working, level motor on n/s still a little dodgy ill look out for a replacement

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  12. BakPak

    BakPak No Gear

    How did you get on with your new suspension Dan? I recently had the AP kit fitted from DPM. It was a bit firm at first but after 1000 miles it's settled down and I'm very pleased with it especially as the original suspension was knackered...
  13. Well mate had to make a few adjustments ie remove the original bump stops as they were catching, and turned out the new shocks didnt apparently need them, the ride is no less comfortable then on standard setup, sits lovely on the 18inch wheels although it does still sit a little higher at the front considering they were advertised as having lower front springs to compensate and make it all level.

    Overall for the money i paid I am extremely happy with it, just done clutch and DMF too, and got timing belt to do this week then apart from niggles like engine mounts its all done
  14. BakPak

    BakPak No Gear

    I want to keep mine for another year or so then go for a quattro in which case I'd opt for the bilstein eibach kit.

    My clutch slips a bit if I'm driving in heavy rain so I need to get some prices together, how much was your clutch kit?
  15. did my clutch on a budget mate im a serial skimper and scraper, i did the job myself so zero labour i got a CIS clutch with 3 year warranty for £50 and i know its not advised but i got a near new LUK flywheel which had done 10k, i paid £30 for it, wasnt exactly the easiest job ive done on axle stands on the drive but i managed and it drives superb now

    Im not actually planning on keeping mine much longer as I want a mk2 octavia vrs tdi, sick of not been able to get big things in the car lol but i also dont want to sell a car that needs anything so doing all the mechanical work now, i got genuine timing belt kit for £26 off a badly described ebay ad

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