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Headlight fix for dead ballast.

Stu'sS3 Nov 13, 2010

  1. Stu'sS3

    Stu'sS3 New Member

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to put a few people with the dodgy Xenon syndrome, out of their misery.
    On my previous thread i mentioned about my drivers side light being dodgy. this is an aftermarket solution for a new ballast (if that is the problem).
    So i finally worked out it was a dodgy ballast after some testing and a lot of tinkering. with the bumper removed and knew ballast ready, which I purchased from HIDS4U for about £40.00 it's the 35 watt version, I also brought a D2S lead.
    The fist thing to do is to remove the bumper ( there are a few threads about this ).
    Make sure you disconnect the battery, Balast units can give a very nasty shock
    Take out the headlight and dodgy ballast, cut the d2S lead, you wont need this and remove the 2 pin plug from the ballast you need to check this wire to see if you have 12v, so rewire the battery, turn the lights on and check it, make sure the ballast is disconnected thoughdo not cut this lead check for 12v and if it is there, and the bulb is fine, then the ballast is the problem. Disconnect the battery again and proceed. Get rid of the old ballast and cable as it is ****. Don't even try and remove the cover from the bottom of the headlight, as it will probably break, just cut the lead.
    HIDS4U 35w Pro Plus Replacement Ballast for Xenon HID Headlights
    Take your new D2S connector and remove the black supplied connectors, and remove them from the new ballast also.
    Feed the new ballast cable through the bottom of the headlight, and get ready to solder together, don 't forget to put some heat shrink on them before hand.
    Wrap some insulation tape around afterwards for some added protection.
    Be careful when plugging in the new D2S connector, as it may be a little tight. I broke the motor clip and had to get the old man to knock a new one up.
    Works great though.
    Well i think thats about it. Put the car back together and bob's you uncle, hopefully your light should now work. Please take great care and make sure the battery is disconnected, as ballast units are dangerous. Hope this helps!!!
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