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Headlight distance control defective warning

A4SLineJC Feb 2, 2011

  1. A4SLineJC

    A4SLineJC Member

    Hello All

    Had a search on here and Google for the above fault but drew a blank. I have a 2005 Sportback with single HID headlights, they are also auto, when I start the car I get the following message "headlight distance control defective" on my DIS. This clears and I have a yellow headlight symbol with 2 arrows in the top section of the DIS, the same kind of warning you would get with low fuel or washer fluid

    Any ideas, is it likely to be the motor or a sensor? For information the lights do move up and down and appear to level themselves but I would bet my house about them being "MOT" standard


  2. micasb

    micasb Member


    Do a scan with VCDS to see the fault code.

  3. A4SLineJC

    A4SLineJC Member

    Don't have vagcom etc... Do have a basic diagnostic unit but that didn't give any error codes, think it will does anything other than engine faults
  4. Gti Jazz Blue

    Gti Jazz Blue Active Member VCDS Map User

    I'm afraid that the next step is a scan of the Headlamp Control Unit to see what codes are thrown.

    There are two level sensors (well on my 2005 3 door there are) both on the nearside, if the car has been jacked up it is possible for the rear sensor to flip the wrong way putting the sensor value out of range.

    Can remember which way it should point and I haven't got my car here with me today, but I had an issue once after my car had been up on a jack, where the sensore went the wrong way and I couldn't put the module in adjust mode.

    See if there is someone close to you with VCDS that can scan it for you, there is a sticky in the VCDS section of members with VCDS that are willing to help.



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