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Headlight Bulbs?

gazzaw888 Mar 17, 2010

  1. gazzaw888

    gazzaw888 Member

    Hi guys trying to rid my car of all the standard yellow bulbs, i recently fitted Philips H7 X-Treme Extreme Power 80% bulbs after hearing some good reviews


    this then made my side lights look yellow as expected so i fitted
    PIAA H222 Xtreme White Wedge


    after cleaning the blood up and getting the plasters out those sidelights are fiddly :crying: I sat back and admired my work but now i think these make the philips bulbs look yellow? :sadlike:
    is it worth buying the PIAA H7 XTREME WHITE :weight_lift2: or is there better H7's out there to complete the look ?


    audi a3 s line 2.0 tdi 170


    DRLs: PIAA H227 Xtreme White S25 Single 382 Bayonet 21 watt
    £12.71 each purchased from hid.uk.com/priracing.com

    i have have seen these mentioned on the forum, where are th DRL@S LOCATED :think:

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