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Headlamp Washers.

Don76 Mar 18, 2009

  1. Don76

    Don76 Well-Known Member

    I've just bought an '06 S-Line front bumper (thanks Ashley) which has the holes for head lamp washers. As I don't have xennons I want to fill these in.
    My bodyshop guy has said the holes are too big to fill.

    Just looking for a second opinion here really - Has anyone filled these successfully, or do I have to get the blanking plates and fill that way.

    Am I right in saying the blanking plates from Audi will not sit flush?
  2. TripleD

    TripleD Audi S4 Avant Owner Team Mythos Audi S4

    EASY Answer - Fit Xenons and headlight washers! :thumbsup:

    I'm pretty sure that blanking plates wouldn't fit flush, I'm sure a bodyshop would just fibreglass under the holes to make a bed for the filler, and then build the filler up to suface level, then after spraying it, you wouldn't see the holes.
  3. s3

    s3 s3

    can be done pal, a superior bodyshop will tackle anything....
    id shop about if i was you..
  4. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    The actual washer plates are flush fit, I would epoxy them in place from underside incase you decide to install xenons etc cause can easily remove them & clean up where glue was to sit flush if in use, they are not that noticeable tbh & dont really spoil the front at all, they are fairly small & better than the previous 8L ones which became loose sometimes & bigger gaps, where as 8P's are more discreet aswell, you can fill but need a back plate to fill onto or you could weld plastic into the gap with the bumper mould & then fill over this
  5. rdfcpete

    rdfcpete Member

    If Don was to fit Xenons + HL washers, how much is he looking at realistically?

    Is a local Audi dealership the only option - £2.5k?
    I know getting hold of the Xenons themselves with the adaptors isn't a massive issue, but finding & fitting the washers into the bumper is not easily achievable. What's the best 'done thing'?

    Cheers guys,
  6. Don76

    Don76 Well-Known Member

    Appreciate the replies guys.
    Fitting xennon's aint really an option. Whilst they look sweet, can't really justify the expense.

    My main worry was that the caps wouldn't sit flush and therefore spoil the clean look of the new bumper. But by the sounds of it, these are not too intrusive.

    I'll get searching for images......

    Thanks Again!
  7. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    this is one pre-painted. Sorry 2nd one is bit blurry.



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