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Headlamp upgrade

smokeymike Jan 28, 2011

  1. smokeymike

    smokeymike Active Member Team Mythos SQ5 owners group

    Hi. I'm thinking of fitting the new Osram bulbs as my headlights seem p**s poor - either that or I need new driving glasses.

    Can anyone recommend them as giving a better range of illumination or would i be wasting my heard earned. How easy are they to fit or is it a front of the car off job just to swap the bulbs?

    Advice appreciated.

    p.s I visited Autotechnica in Hull with a small problem on the car. Recommended and friendly too.:yum:
  2. goon

    goon Member

    just fitted osram nightbreakers definitely better,can be fiddly to fit compared to h4.

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