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Head Unit Rebooting Problem

boxster30 May 2, 2012

  1. boxster30

    boxster30 New Member

    I have a weird problem with my head unit rebooting on me. Here is the problem I have had for the pat 4-5 months:

    I had a Pioneer F90BT installed in my car and every so often I get 2 pops from the rear speakers and then my head unit reboots. Other times the head unit reboots without the 2 pops.

    Last week I installed a new Kenwood DNX7190HD and I am still having the same issue. All connections were soldered and double checked so I dont think its a wiring issue at the head unit side.

    It appears to happen more often at the beginning of my drive. On a side note its been cold in Toronto for the past 4-5 months also and I am not sure if that is part of the problem.

    Anyone have any ideas on what could be causing my head unit to reboot? Its starting to drive my crazy.
  2. Ash187

    Ash187 Audi-Retrofits.co.uk Site Sponsor VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A5

    not had anything like that on my pioneer. Weird that!
    i would have thought its the adapter kit you are using? i know that the car wont report any other errors on VCDS as the car already cannot see the radio and it always gives the 'no signal' error on the radio option.
  3. boxster30

    boxster30 New Member

    I didnt have this problem for a year and half with the pioneer. Started happening a few months ago out of the blue and I thought it was the pioneer head unit (5 years old or so).
  4. I had this issue start on my F900-BT in my VW Golf, head over to the AVIC411 Forums for a detailed solution, it is relatively easy to fix, it involves downloading some files from the net, extracting them onto an SD card, then booting the unit with the SD card fitted, this takes you into the windows system where you need to delete 4 files, reboot and fixed!

    If you require any help then please get in touch!

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