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Head unit options, 8l S3

DavidW Apr 3, 2010

  1. DavidW

    DavidW Member

    I have an 8L S3 with the RNS-D sat nav which was retro-fitted by previous owner. However, I don't have the nav disk and don't intend to purchase when my Garmin is a better sat-nav anyway and I am having problems with it draining the battery, so it's coming out.

    What are my options, size wise, for replacement? I understand a Symphony will slot straight in but failing that how do I get back to a single or double din for an aftermarket unit as I can't find any fascia's for the 8L A3?

    If Symphony is going to be best/easiest bet, where can I get one from, apart from the obvious e-bay?
  2. Y83OLK

    Y83OLK Hulk Smash!

    Best bet would be finding someone with an s3 to swap all parts with yours.
    As RNS-D is highly saught after, you should find someone easily enough.

    AFAIK, to convert back to single din you would need the outer cage, climat panel, single din headunit, and the flappy compartment.

    Main dealer would want a crazy price for a symphony, as for a chorus/ concert they want around £600+

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