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Head Unit Help!

ScottSummerhayes Feb 12, 2009

  1. Right, im going to be putting my Poineer headunit in my audi. It currently has the stock Audi unit (with-out BOSE) which someone has upgraded (Added the BOSE sub and 6 CD-changer).

    I'm trynig to work out what ISO wiring i will need, i have found loads of different types:

    half amped?
    full amped?
    RCA to ISO?
    Amped aerial adaptor?

    Whats with the amped stuff? i'm sure im just confusing myself!

    In my old car i just got a wiring convertor and a aerial adaptor and away we went...

    Please help :)

  2. No one can enlighten me?


    After digging around on car audio sites etc, i think i might of worked it out!

    Right, i have a NONE-BOSE system. But the rears are still amped right? but not the fronts. So i need a HALF AMPED ISO, but my aftermarket headunit has 2x RCA outputs (Front/Sub) so i can get a HALF AMPED RCA to ISO. Then run the RCA's to the rear, then the 2nd set of of RCA can go to my other amp+sub. then the rest of the normal ISO wiring as usual.

    But i will also need a amped aerial convertor too! right, can anyone correct me please?? IS THIS RIGHT?

    someone must of fitted a aftermarket HU to a normal none-bose a3....


    Done more digging, and apparently my system should'nt be amped AT ALL? because its just audi stock, not BOSE or anything special.
  3. Ibzzzzz

    Ibzzzzz Member

    No your edit 1 was correct.... The rear will be amped but at a 20w x 2 rating...very ****...your better off running it all from the head unit!
  4. S£

    S£ Member

    Get yourself onto the ICE section of the forum and PM a chap called andymac, he will have more info than you can shake a stick at!!!
  5. so the rears are amped, at 20w...what is the point audi? why make it so difficult for yourself.

    i don't really fancy ripping the car apart to run speak cabling for the rears, can i upgrade the amp at all?? but keep the wiring. obviously im sticking in component speakers all round...
  6. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    If you are adding a sub and changing the speakers then I wouldn't bother with wiring adapters. You'll have to run new cable to power the amp for the sub, so you may as well run some speaker cable for the rears and some RCA's for the sub amp at the same time.
    The stock non Bose system is half amped (rears and sub). The amp is inside the tupperware sub enclosure (1 x 50w to the sub and 2 x 20w to the rears). If you try to connect into this amp using an adapter it will be very underpowered compared to the front components as they will be running off the 2 x 50w+ amp inside the Pioneer HU. If you run some skinny speaker cable to the new rears you can then easily run these off the new HU's internal amp which is far superior and more powerful than the crappy Audi amp. You then won't have to get adapters to convert the Audi rear speaker plugs to standard spades either.
    Hope that helps, let me know if you need more info.

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