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Head unit confusion please help

Pbowers1979 Dec 14, 2012

  1. Pbowers1979

    Pbowers1979 Member

    hi some help needed please, after buying two head units now for my 2002 s3 single din I've had enough lol, anyone know the part numbers or have pics of the head units that are compatible as Its getting frustrating wasting money and having no music, any help with this would be great, ideally I wouldn't mind putting a CD player in as I have no changer in boot, Audi only though no after market thanks again, also the stereos I did buy had the same wiring so could wire them up but they never powered up at all, any idea why that would be.
  2. jimmcgee

    jimmcgee Active Member

    audi wiring is pish , use the speakers , but run a power wire from the battery to the radio , take out the headlight switch and find a wire that only comes on with the key in, and use that for the remote on , that how I done it .
  3. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    You need a Concert II which will be CANBUS controlled. Non CANBUS Concerts will not power up as they need 2 x 12v power feeds, one permanent and one switched with the ignition, your S3 will only have a perm live and uses the CANBUS to tell the HU when the ignition is on. Also it needs to be from an 8L A3 otherwise the fascia won't fit properly. Alternatively you need to wire in a switched live for the ones you have that don't power up. Just take a feed from the fusebox using Radio S-Kont, this is the correct feed, this needs to run back to the black power ISO on pin detailed as S-Kont below

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