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Head Rest Tilt on A3 2008 seats

landrover1 May 7, 2013

  1. landrover1

    landrover1 New Member


    Been a member of this site a couple of years and have done a few mods with help from Robin A3 for lighting looms, T8ups for Led's and vcds supplied by Nigel so would like to thank them all.

    The active headrests on my 2008 front seats lift up and down but do not tilt forwards and backwards.It's always bugged me so I tried searching but could only find a similar problem with A4 headrests (think early A3 headrests could tilt). It is possible to remove four tabs on the A4 ones so that it releases the tilt mechanism. Thought I would investigate my headrests to see if it was possible on an A3.

    1. Removed the headrests by releasing the slide button on the top of the seat (worth pushing down the headrest to lowest position to make it easy to get off)

    2. turn the headrests upsidedown and with the assistance of a blunt spoon handle, ease the folded fabric or leather from the plastic retainer strips (two on the side and a long one infront).This allows access to the gubbins.

    3. Looking where the two metal stalks go into the headrest is a square tab held on with four tiny bits of plastic (like an arfix kit sprigg).On both sides with a craft knife, I removed this and also the half round piece of plastic connected to the tab so releasing the stalks to move forward (try not to let the bits of plastic fall into the headrest).

    4. Fold the fabric back over the retainer strips and put the headrest back on the seat.

    with quite a stiff movement they now can move forward and back a good 15mm to 25mm :yes:

    Its not a major mod but it dont cost anything. I cant see that this would affect the active headrest movement but usual disclaimers if you try it.

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