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Head lights, rattle & a clocked car ??

Tiger6791 Jan 12, 2004

  1. Tiger6791

    Tiger6791 New Member

    Just got a 2000w facelift A4 1.8 SE Avant and is it just mine or are the headlights a waste of time?? All the bulbs seem okay its just I can't see a thing !! Is this normal, what can I do?

    Next question

    When I start the car it ratles like a diesel, gonna take it to a garage just wondered if any body else had, had this problem?

    Last question...

    Probably the reason for the above, I've just got this car and its been clocked, which is a shame as its a nice car with full Audi history, (pages of the service book were removed, but tracked down the dealers) its showing 110,000mies and I think its done more like 150,000 (still drives tight) Does the ECU store the KM covered separate to the Speedo, so can I correct the mileage?

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