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HDD nav on 2013 Q7 - issue with export

paul_45 Dec 3, 2013

  1. paul_45

    paul_45 New Member

    Hi, I have a 2013 full spec Q7 (list was £80k+). I am moving from Surrey to Hong Kong next summer. I thought I had everything figured out with small mods required for driving in HK (making the dash display km driven instead of miles, etc). I ran into a major hurdle with the dealer on my HDD sat nav though. Easier to quote:

    The sales office has confirmed that the HDD Navigation you have is an ‘ECE Standard’.. which along with your headunit is not compatible for the Asia Hard drive.

    By the sounds of it, replacing the hard drive will not enable the Asia unit to work with your head unit... and I would imagine replacing the head unit and the hard drive would be very costly and may then not be compatible with other features such as DAB radio, AMI i pod connection, Audi Connect etc....

    Unsure the logic behind Audi not making them transferable and vehicles with the HDD nav, however, older DVD based units or our SD Navigation range is possible (data is read from a disc along rather than from an internal hard drive)

    I don't intend to be in HK for more than 3-4 years and after that will move back to the US. The car should remain in HK and be sold there. I don't want to re-export back to the UK. I think it will be tough to sell it without working sat nav (let alone use it there myself, the dealer suggests a TomTom.... please....).

    I was HUGELY bummed when I heard this. Desperately wanted this car over there - I can't find anything comparable on the second hand market and I don't want to take a double hit buying another new one (including wait time for delivery), while selling my 'practically new' one here for a major discount. Looking for ideas from experts on this forum for way around this problem. PLEASE HELP! Thanks...

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