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Hazards flashing periodically - Alarm system?

boroboy41 Mar 23, 2012

  1. boroboy41

    boroboy41 Member

    Last night I noticed the hazards flashing periodically every couple of minutes (fortunately the car is parked right outside the front window of the house otherwise may not have noticed)

    Went out and unlocked/locked the car but this didn't stop it so I went round and opened/closed all the doors and boot and this seems to have done the trick although none of them looked to be obviously open/ajar.

    Has someone being trying my doors? There's nothing in the manual regarding alarm signals and will the car still lock if any of the doors aren't properly closed (my wife's Toyota doesn't)?

  2. Maxumo

    Maxumo Member

    Check that your rear washer jet isn't leaking and dripping onto the boot lock you will need to remove the plastic housing on the boot lid to check, this happened to mine and the rear wiper motor needed replacing.

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