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haynes manual

cabriolet Feb 21, 2010

  1. cabriolet

    cabriolet Member

    a little while ago i posted about my rear wash wipe not working due to having no live feed to the motor i traced and tested the wire to the passenger side foot well then thought ok so i got a duff wire from the fuse box to the passenger side foot well so i cut the wire at the foot well and ran a temporary live from the battery to see if this was the case hey presto my spare wiper motor worked fine [ the original on the car was duff] this leads me back to the fuse box ok here we go get the manual out fuse 27 yeah rear wash wipe take out the fuse box connect wire wire is then live all the time [should be ignition switched live] proper had enough by this time then i notice the diagram embossed into the plastic near the fuse box it is the oppsite way up to the manual check what the little embossed diagram says lo and behold blown fuse reconnected wire all is well so the moral of the story is the diagram in the manual is upside down hope my little story makes others smile and check the diagrams [it does make me smile now but didnt at the time] sorry for the long post just thought i would share my trials and tribulations with u all
  2. Alex C

    Alex C Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Audi S3

    Sorry, took the time to translate, hope you don't mind. But a 200+ word post with out a single punctuation mark is pretty dam hard to make any sense of
  3. S3 TRS

    S3 TRS Active Member

    OMG i just read all that at once and it made my eyes water!
  4. cabriolet

    cabriolet Member

    sorry people i can fix em and write about it but punctuation is a closed book to me once again apologies for my inadequacies

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