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Have you got a Snooper S5?

amoffat Jan 9, 2003

  1. amoffat

    amoffat Member

    ne of the best selling in-car radar detectors had to be withdrawn last month after reports the device interfered with commercial and military satellite communication sysytems.

    Fearful that owners of Performance Products' Snooper S5 might be strafed by a Harrier attack aircraft or incur the wrath of Sky TV subscribers, the manufacturer swiftly modified the product.

    [taken from the News section from EVO's website 9/1/03]
  2. Steve_C_NWales

    Steve_C_NWales Member

    Lol, I got the full story from the performance products rep and there were 3 cases of an older model withdrawn earlier in 2002. Just goes to show how much the press blow things up.


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