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Have VAG UK ever done a re-call with the coil pack

daztenerife Dec 14, 2004

  1. daztenerife

    daztenerife Member

    As i have read various articles in the US saying a re-call was done there.
    As a matter of interest please post if you have had a coil pack problem
    I want to see the number of problems.
  2. foolish3uk

    foolish3uk Member

    they did not do a coil pack recall as such, it was a workshop bulletin, basically all cars to come through a audi workshop were modified, this way a RECALL was not needed, they only need changing between certain chassis numbers. however the problem now seems to be that the cats are showing early signs of damage on a fair few cars because customers just kept driving with the missfires, now the question is should audi pay or should it be the foolish customer who drove with a faulty car when they should have got it recovered?
  3. Mike.M

    Mike.M Well-Known Member

    When I got my S3 I requested they changed them and they did. Apparently the engine was not on the bulletin but the chassis was...........work that one out!

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