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Have I made the wrong engine choice???

TheCarMadDad Jan 27, 2014

  1. Daz Auto

    Daz Auto Active Member

    Mate just told me that 2 people reversed into his black car in the last week. His sister in-law hit the front one dark evening. His neighbour hit the back one dark morning.

    So white for safety, but black for looks.

    Besides black is the fastest colour :)

    Edit: when it's not in the body shop.
  2. snakehips

    snakehips Well-Known Member

    I agree but it only seems to be a choice between black and white and I strongly dislike white cars (traumatised as a kid by my Dad's penchant for white Vauxhall Vivas and Cortina MkII's) so black was my vote.
    Given free choice I'd recommend Daytona of course.
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  3. BigD289

    BigD289 Member

    I've had both the 1.6d and the 140 CoD (which we have now). The 1.6d is a capable engine but I found it a little under powered (when you really wanted to put your foot down, okay for normal driving!) and you always had be in the right gear at the right time. The 140 petrol is a much smoother, flexible engine. There is still a tiny bit of turbo lag but it is a better engine.

    We're low mileage drivers so the petrol engine was a no brainer. Plus it is around 100kg lighter than the 2.0 diesel.

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