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Have I made a mistake?

acprc Mar 26, 2009

  1. acprc

    acprc Member

    Hi all,

    Well we have had the Audi for just over one week and it's already back at the dealers, not a promising start. My wife got in it this morning to drive to work, half way there it went into limp mode with ESP warning light flashing. Once at work she turned it off and then couldn't start it again. Got it started and managed to drive it to Audi dealer. At the dealer couldn't lock it with the button so locked it with key in door lock. When she came out with service guy neither button or key would unlock it! Just had to deliver spare key to dealer

    Anybody else had problems like this with a nearly new Audi? Swapped from a Mondeo that never failed us in 4 years and now worried that I should have gone with Ford again.

  2. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Well sorry to hear problems, but once the car is fixed you will soon realise that going to Ford rather than audi would have been a bad move, not being stuckup but completely different cars mate but I'm sure they will resolve it for you with minimal further disruption & you will then see it was the best choice.

    What is strange is the fact you cant manually unlock it with the actual key, what was different about that key & the one at home, did the one at home work via the remote or door?
  3. acprc

    acprc Member

    I'm guessing the garage think that there may be something wrong with the key. I didn't see if it worked as I just dropped it into the service reception. The car is lovely and I think it will be better but just depressing that something has gone wrong so quick. At least we have an A4 courtesy car!
  4. jsh

    jsh Member

    I Know the feeling... My 57 plate Cab (5k Miles) is in the dealers after 3 weeks with a roof that won't go up and a grinding steering rack ( a problem that has affected many cars, I'm told). It's reasonable to expect better with a £30k+ car! The dealers are efficient and no doubt will fix the cars but I can understand the OPs concerns
  5. acprc

    acprc Member

    Just got the car back from Audi. The fault was traced to a loose earth on the battery, should be ok now.

    A quick blast across country on an A road will remind me why I got it!
  6. gjwell

    gjwell Member

    I had to have my steering rack changed on my cab too also a 57. The dealer was very good and i've had no problems since.

    If the key fob is repeatedly pressed out of range of the car, it will become out of sync and have to be re-synced (a simple process explained in the manual) could this have been one of the problems?

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