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Have I bought the wrong oil?

mikerd4 Nov 27, 2007

  1. mikerd4

    mikerd4 Member

    Going to drop the oil out the S3 this weekend so went and bought new oil for it.

    When I bough the car there was a bottle of Castrol SLX Longlife II in the boot so I bought Castrol Edge 5W-30 (listed for Audi engines on the bottle) as it has superceeded SLX Longlife II.

    Now Ive read 0W-30 is needed. Can anyone shed some light?
  2. jesters3

    jesters3 Active Member VCDS Map User

    Thats exactly what I thought, however the 504.00 and 507.00 are okay and under the same umbrella as the ol' 503.01 stuff.

    VW 500 00, VW 501 00, VW 501 01, VW 502.00, VW 503.00, VW 503.01

    Will be covered by a new code VW 504.00

    VW 505 00, VW 505 01, VW 506 00
    VW 506 01

    Will be covered by a new code VW 507.00

    Plus, I've stuffed 5ltrs of it in my 02 S3 and all is well.
  3. mikerd4

    mikerd4 Member

    sweet, to be honest Ill be changing it out in 5000 miles anyhow but I thought Id made a big mistake the way some people have been posting on other forums
  4. jcs356

    jcs356 Brum brum

    If you are going to change the oil every 5k then there is absolutely no point in paying for a top spec oil designed for the variable servicing regime. Any fully synthetic in the 0W/40, 5W/40 etc range will do and will be a lot cheaper.

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