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Have I been given the correct Haldex oil and filter?

PhilPD Nov 16, 2011

  1. PhilPD

    PhilPD Member

    Evening all

    I went to Audi to get some oil and a filter to service the haldex system on my 2004 A3. They gave me the following... which is not what I was expecting.

    If they are correct... Is there a different tool available for this type of filter? Or can it be changed with a socket?

    Many thanks.

  2. S38P

    S38P Member

    yes oil is correct but dont know the filter, i didnt change the filter.
    if i were you i would search about changing haldex oil and filter. some people have issues after changing the oil because of emptying wrong part of rear diff AFAIK. its better to keep the old oil and campare the volume by new oil when replacing. e.g. if you take 1000ml oil out of haldex and put 500ml this means there is something wrong.

    good luck...

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