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Have a really bad itch that needs scratching

Yicker Sep 23, 2012

  1. Yicker

    Yicker Member

    .....mk4 r32 :ninja:

    I have always loved the sound looks/sound of the r32 and at the moment the urge to get 1 is getting greater lol i know they are not as quick as the mapped s3 but the sound is awesome and i love the beefy look.
    The bad thing is i would have to sell the s3 but the good thing is the mrs wants it so could have it back at anytime ;)

    I have never driven 1 and was just wondering if anyone on here has owned 1 and are they similar to the s3 in anyway,good/bad points?

  2. phil miller

    phil miller Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    ive never owned one but have worked on loads, they are ok to work on, a little tight around the engine, but as you say the sound is awesome, and if your OH is gonna have your audi you have the best of both worlds, if you dont like the R you can have your Audi back winner imho
  3. dre_S3

    dre_S3 Member

    Have got soft spot for these but what puts me of is how much they drink
  4. Alex C

    Alex C Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Audi S3

    your Mrs wants the S3 and will buy it from you and is also happy to let you have it back at the drop of a hat? very understanding
  5. Yicker

    Yicker Member

    Haha that's the deal with her ;) she has had her license revoked for the last 6 months due to sort of fainting a couple of times in 1 week. After the docs deciding its not epilepsy she has now re-applied for her license back.
    She has owned a ralliart evo 6 and evo 7 fq300 for her last 2 cars and loves the s3 even though she hasn't yet driven it. She would sell it me straight back as she wants another evo but she never uses the power/puts her foot down ans the insurance/servicing id a bit daft so its a waste really
  6. antwan

    antwan Member

    They are a great car, near enough identical to the s3 underneath apart form the 6 cyl lump, also those lovely konig seats.... and if you get bored of it, you could always bolt a turbo onto the back and have the best of both worlds, a mate of mine has not long had his back from being re-worked and it's now just silly !:jester:. (over 450bhp+ on 'sensible' boost)

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