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Has this ever happened to you??

DJ-S3 May 13, 2009

  1. A3Tom

    A3Tom Smell my finger.


    Part of the filth??!..........how very dare you you cheeky blaggard ;)


    Tom.....your resident filth! :busted_cop::laugh:
  2. S3 Rav

    S3 Rav Well-Known Member

    we all got to watch what we say now :tapedshut:
  3. Shy19s

    Shy19s Oil running through my veins.

    lol i love it how you assume that what i saw was make believe.. my friend owns the R6 and has a number of different bikes since he was about 4 years old.. the Evo is quicker than an R6.. not drastically but off the line the R6 is slightly ahead, mid range the evo over takes, past 80(private road lol) many car lengths ahead... evo is far from standard.

    out of those 8 times i was stopped, 2 of them my car was searched, left in a mess and nothing found. so yeah for no reason apart from my best m8 being a rasta, I was accused.. Which is why I complained, as i know without proper reason you cant search. Takes the ****...

    I appriciate your polite response and i have met cops that are friendly as hell, even compliment my car, take an interest..etc.. but generally sorry to say.. assholes. Attitude is discusting, automatically assume your the worlds biggest threat, and because they have the power they talk down to you as if your a peice of ****.
    You seem like a nice guy tom, im not against all police obviously as someone said without them the world would be anarchy.. but 80% of my experince has been negative.
  4. S3 Rav

    S3 Rav Well-Known Member

    99% of mine has been negative...Tom's the 1%.

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