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Has the heater flap gone? no hot air

JA50N Apr 16, 2012

  1. JA50N

    JA50N Member

    I was in my friends 98 A4tdi quattro yesterday and even though his aircon is ice cold there is hardly any heat when he puts the blowers on and temp up seams a little heat when blowers on low.

    He has recently had new water pump, radiator, thermostat and cooling and heater matrix flushed through (did get a faint smell of old coolant) but there is still no hot air car runs fine with engine temp as it should be.
    I have heard about the heater flap does this sound something it could be and am I right in thinking it is behind glovebox
    any help much appreciated I have had a bit of a search but could not find a relevent thread

  2. rasA4

    rasA4 Four Rings Mafia Specialist Team V6 Audi A4 saloon

    my guess the linkage had come off the heater flap positioning motor on facelift its located behind L/H side of centre console.


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