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Has my throttle body gone?

H17YD L Feb 17, 2014

  1. H17YD L

    H17YD L Active Member

    Had a bit of trouble last night with the car. I booted it from a set of lights and it got to about 50mph and felt like I hit a brick wall, lost all power and no turbo, at first I thought a hose had blew off but the car was struggling to tick over really lumpy and lots of popping.

    Called the AA and my mate to bring my VCDS when I scanned the car it had 5 faults to do with the throttle; Throttle body position sensor, throttle pedal something etc. I saved and cleared them, then started up it ticked over fine but when it started it did hunt about for a few seconds before settling. I went for a quick drive and it all seemed fine, coming back I gave it a little burst in 3rd soon as it come on boost all the engine lights came on, well the ESP and tyre pressure ones.

    I tried to clear the fault and thought I'll at least be able to get it home taking it easy, the code would not clear and there was only 1 in the engine module which is P0123 - Throttle Position Sensor (G69): Signal too High

    By this time the AA bloke was here offering his wisdom: "our gears not as good as that" - LOL Anyway he thought it might of been the pedal at fault as when he did a live reading of the pedal it was saying 99.4% and would not change when he moved the pedal.

    I personally think it could be the throttle body, any other thoughts would be appreciated!

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