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Has anyones heard of www.p-torque.co.uk?

12bjonesy Apr 1, 2007

  1. 12bjonesy

    12bjonesy New Member

    I was thinking of getting a Remap from here as on the TT-forum there holding a special offer on remaps for £265 all in?!

    This sounds like an excellent deal.. Is it just too good to be true? Has anyone heard of them or had any experience of them?

    Is it OK to get a remap not by one of the more well known (APR, AMD, REVO)?
    or would people be very weary...Or are they just applying one of these as a third party?

  2. RSTuning

    RSTuning New Member

    Don't follow figures when it comes to performance tuning. Sometimes cheaper can be better and expensive worse but do your research and see what you can find. If you need advice feel free to PM or email me. Or call in if you want as we are only in Leeds :)



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