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Has Anyone fitted these S3 Facelift Rear Lights?????

Jimmy Parko Jul 11, 2010

  1. Jimmy Parko

    Jimmy Parko Member

  2. arsenal_69r

    arsenal_69r audi a3

    there sweet as dude
  3. lloydsta101

    lloydsta101 Member

    I bought them from exactly the same seller, they fit very well and make the back end of the car a lot better... BUT you will need to get some amber indicator bulbs with straight pin connectors, as the bulbs that will be in yours are clear bulbs with offset pins.

    I found this when I fitted mine - everything lined up perfectly, but the pre-facelift clear indicator bulbs shone through the clear part of the new tail lights (which is obviously illegal). I had a lot of trouble finding ANY car shop who sold these and in the end bought some cheapy ones from eBay.

    Just type 'straight pin indicator bulb' on eBay and there is only about 15 results, so you can choose what sort of quality you want and what colour (amber/chrome).

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