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Has anyone done a b7 front end conversion on there b6

Waynus Apr 7, 2014

  1. Waynus

    Waynus New Member

    Hi guys I new to the site so take it easy on me 😉
    i was thinking of going fir the big mouth front end on my 03 cabby and any info or advice. Ie wats needed can it be done has it been done?
  2. DieselJake

    DieselJake Well-Known Member

    Lots of money and patience haha something I started a long time ago and haven't got 'round to doing (although I'm probably the most laid back person on here and never make quick rash purchases or modifications)

    Here's a link to Howdy Quattro's

    Then some people put in god knows how much time, effort and money
    From A4 (B6) to RS4 (B7)

    Oh also in terms of money expect to pay well over £1000 excluding labour for decent parts or on the cheap none s-line/rs4/upgraded parts (seems a bit of a waste if it's supposed to be an upgrade though) around £500 for parts then labour on top. Can't really quote labour as cutting wings, sorting looms and similar things are not exactly an every day job and would imagine places will vary massively on cost.
  3. jase0851

    jase0851 Member

    I remember someone doing the b7 hoffelle conversion back in 2007 of 08 do a search you'll find it
  4. LesG

    LesG New Member

    Hi there,
    I have all the parts you'll need for a B7 conversion, apart from the number plate surround!
    I collected the spares over most of last year, and then my wife convinced me to buy a newer car (B8 A4 Avant S-Line Quattro), so this conversion is now surplus to my needs.
    Contact me for details if you're interested, I'll probably post an advert in the For Sale section if you decide to pass.
    Cheers Les.
  5. A4 TC

    A4 TC 1.8T quattro sline


    that would have been me I tried something different to everyone else !


    its now back to original gmbh sline front now !

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