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Harold Wood Or Southend Audi - Serivcing, Your experiences please?

jaygeezer871 Jun 24, 2011

  1. jaygeezer871

    jaygeezer871 Member

    Having a 170TDI thats already had a fuel injector failure i feel maybe i should have it serviced next with audi to have that dealer stamp in the book.
    This may give me some brownie points should they go again!

    My two(2) local stealers are Southend or Harold Wood.

    Let me know your good or bad experiences of them please?
  2. trev m

    trev m Member

    We have 140 TDI A3 2006
    We got the car from Haroldwood and its been back for services and free mot`s
    The car gets picked up and returned, most of the time cleaned and hoovered and its free.

    The handbrake cover was loose, went in for service, I got a phone call saying I need to replace the cover at a cost of £85 inc fitting. I of course said no on this service. I picked the car up and the clip holding the cover was missing. After complaining they got me a new cover as a goodwill gesture.

    So I'd recommend them every time


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