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Hardwiring GPS Cradle

scoulbeck Apr 22, 2005

  1. scoulbeck

    scoulbeck New Member

    I am trying to hardwire a gps crade in a new A3, can anyone point me in the direction to find a switched power supply, i.e. one that has power only whilst the ignition is on. Any pics would be much appreciated
  2. a4sline190

    a4sline190 Member


    Not sure of the A3 but am assuming will be much the same as the a4, just remove the panel under steeering wheel on the right you should see the fuse box just tap into a switched suppy, just make sure you tap into the fused side, you can check this easily with a muti meter by having ignition on then removing corresponding fuse, meter should drop to zero.

    I did it on my A4 only took 20 mins max.

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