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Hard shift from 2nd to 1st gear coming to a stop

shaks Jan 18, 2012

  1. shaks

    shaks New Member

    Hi Every one,

    I have Audi A4 1.9TDI sport 2003, bought it almost 7 months ago.I have noticed that it is slightly hard to change gear from 1st to 2nd and harder when changing back to 1st from 2nd coming to stop. Car does not make any sound or anything its just does not change gear especially from 2nd to 1st untill it stops or i have to force it. for example if i am stopping at give-way gear will only shift to first when stopped. i dont know much about cars and when i bought audi i was happy with everything because i used to have wee rubbish car before A4. this issue was always there when i bought this and i thought its normal for audi...

    now question, Is it normal or does it need Gearbox oil top-up or is there any other problem?

    Thanks in advance and sorry if its a silly question

  2. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member

    I have never seen the need to change into 1st until stopped but it s/b easy both ways.Is the clutch OK? or could be the synchro is worn.Changing the oil may help.I did this on aBora recently and added some Molyslip which helped but it has done 168k!!
  3. Paul100

    Paul100 Member

    i had a problem with the gearbox in my last audi A4 Cabby, it would not change up from 1st to 2nd sometimes. I had the dealer look at it. they put some additive in there (molyslip I believe) and topped up the oil (despite me being told by Audi it was a 'sealed for life gearbox') and it was fine from then on..
  4. iyrix

    iyrix Member

    My girlfriend always puts her car into first just before it stops. No need what so ever, all i ever do is cringe when she does it. in other words... stop driving like a women! :)

    Seriously though, mine from cold was hard to put in 2nd in the morning. Did a gearbox oil change and seems to be a lot better. Slick 50 is meant to be good too. (not tried)
  5. shaks

    shaks New Member

    Cheers guys for the advice, if i stop driving like a women lol, that is not shift to 1st while stopping then the only issues (a very slight one) is changing gear from 1st to 2nd. there is kind of slight pressure which i have to apply, its never been the case that i could not change to 2nd, its just not as smooth as changing to other gears. Car has done 75k!

    One of my friend who drove my car recently did not notice it much unless i mentioned it and he suggested change the oil and later said actually its fine. So i was confused hence posted here.
  6. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    I have to say I never change into first unless I'm stopped and about to pull away again. A clunky change into second when the oil is cold is quite acceptable. Does it improve when it's warm?

    I'd replace the oil as suggested.
  7. AudiLeon

    AudiLeon Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    This could be an engine mount or gearbox mount. Then engine could be shifting alot under the strain of breaking putting the linkage out of alignment slightly.

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